Graphic Designer

KOMMUNA is a Marketing + Technology agency. We combine the best in class of Marketing and technology to provide clear and measurable results for every brand. 

Our Mindset

What happens when you blend an advertising agency and tech company? Our work culture is the sum of Creative spirits, relentless Sales and Marketing mindsets and the cherry on top: Hacker thinking. Our behaviors lead our path into a New Marketing company ready for the future, now. When we approach brands, we:

  • Understand users, brands & businesses
  • Hack it, Iterate it 
  • Stay Creative & Innovative
  • Make it great, Make it fast
  • A/B/C/D test
  • Adapt & Embrace change

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to join our team

As a graphic designer at our marketing agency, you will play a crucial role in creating visually compelling and engaging content to support our clients' marketing initiatives, mainly clients who require knowledge and experience on interior design. You will collaborate closely with our creative team, account managers, and clients to understand project requirements and deliver designs that effectively communicate the desired message and align with brand guidelines. Your work will span various mediums, including digital and print, and you'll have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects across different industries.

Your Day-to-Day responsibilities:

Design Creation: Develop innovative and high-quality designs for digital and print collateral, including but not limited to social media graphics, email campaigns, advertisements, and more. 

Client Collaboration: Work closely with account managers and clients to understand project objectives, target audience, and brand guidelines, ensuring that design solutions meet or exceed expectations and align with strategic goals.

Creative Conceptualization: Generate fresh ideas and concepts for marketing campaigns, contributing creative input and insights to help shape visual strategies.

Project Management: Manage multiple design projects simultaneously, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of attention to detail and quality control.

Software Proficiency: Utilize industry-standard design software such as Adobe Creative Suite to create and manipulate graphics, images, and layouts efficiently.

Adaptability: Stay up-to-date with design trends, technology advancements, and best practices in graphic design, and apply this knowledge to improve the agency's creative output and stay ahead of the competition.

Collaborative Team Player: Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including copywriters, web developers, and marketing strategists, to ensure seamless integration of design elements into cohesive marketing campaigns.

Feedback Incorporation: Actively seek and provide constructive feedback on design concepts, iterating on designs based on feedback received from clients and internal stakeholders to achieve optimal results.

Your Skills:

Graphic Design Fundamentals:

  • Composition and grid use
  • Typography treatment and composition
  • Information hierarchy
  • Psychology of shape and color
  • Retouching and photomontage

Advanced knowledge of the following design software:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Excellent spelling and writing skills

Understanding of social media platforms and formats

Desirable Experience/Skills:

Architecture and/or Interior Design knowledge

Basic knowledge of motion graphics:

  • Ability to create simple animations in Adobe Photoshop and/or After Effects

Understanding of advertising concepts:

  • Advertising Insight
  • Creative Concept
  • Content Marketing
  • Among others

What We Offer:

  • Permanent Home Office (No surprises, and we sometimes meet to hang out)
  • 9am-6pm Schedule (we are humans so, we are flexible)
  • ⁠Health Insurance
  • ⁠Collaborative Work Environment
  • ⁠Flexibility and Independence
  • ⁠Growth and Continuous Learning